The goal of calibration is image fidelity (faithfulness to the original program), and match the industry standards that are defined by: (ITU) International Telecommunications Union, (SMPTE) Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.  Most post production houses use professional monitors calibrated to these standards. Calibration matches these standards as close as possible with the customer’s TV/Projector/Monitor. Generally consumer TV’s are set at the factory to “look good” in the show room, not in your living-room or home theater. Most likely the TV is not even showing it’s full resolution.  Calibration does not just make the TV “look good” to the customer, calibration ensures that it's true to the originator’s vision (Director, Cinematographer, and Colorist).








• Reduces Eye Strain

• Maximizes Dynamic Range

• Increases Color Accuracy

• Ensures Image Fidelity

• Improves Clarity

• Maximizes Resolution

A Vision of Difference


designed by: Sabrina Adelaine