As an avid gamer, I know the importance of having a responsive, calibrated display.



  There are a few key things that I focus on when calibrating a gaming setup:


*Custom Gamma • Gamma impacts shadow detail, and how fast your display comes out of black. I will setup a custom gamma that compliments your play style. Generally a lower gamma is preferred for multiplayer FPS type games, to see those pesky campers lurking in the shadows. While a higher gamma is preferred for single player games, for a more immersive experience. Also, most games have a gamma adjustment built into the game. I will check each game, to make sure it's properly set.


Eye Fatigue • If you game for extended periods of time, you might experience eye fatigue. I will make sure to match your displays light output, the overall brightness of the display, to the environment that you play in. So you can put all your focus on the game, and not a headache.


**custom gamma can only be performed, if the controls are available via the display, or game.


Input Lag • Input lag is a huge factor when gaming, especially online.  If gaming online, you already have to deal with network lag. On top of that, there's display lag. This lag is mainly caused by image processing inside of the display. I have the tools to test which mode, and settings will produce the least amount of lag.









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